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On the hunt for wildflowers in Perth this spring? Let this list of the top easy wildflower walks guide you on your way.

The number and variety of wildflowers in Western Australia is immense, and when I say immense, I mean it .. it's the largest floral display on earth! The floral show starts north in the Pilbara Region around June/July and spreads south reaching Perth by August/September and ending in November in the South West. That's a 6-month flowering season over a huge geographical area.

So how can you see the wildflowers close to Perth without a strenuous hike? Check out the list of links below, which detail a selection of easy walks through the wildflowers. There are many wildflower walks around Perth, but in this list, I try to provide paths which give the best "bang for your buck" in terms of wildflower number/variety and ease of access.

To see the best of the wildflower display, take these walks between late August and mid-November (should also be perfect walking weather). As flowers bloom at differing times, you can even take the same walk early and late in the season to see something different.

Happy wildflower hunting, but please remember, only take pictures, not the flowers.

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Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Banyowla Regional Park

First on the list is Ellis Brook Valley Reserve in Banyowla Regional Park, Martin (near Gosnells). There is good reason for Ellis Brook Valley Reserve to be first on the list ... it is the BEST natural display of wildflowers in the Perth metropolitan area. An absolute must-see!

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is suitable for all, from the wheelchair accessible Echidna Trail to the more strenuous Sixty Foot Falls Trails. My personal recommendation is the Eagle View Trail, which is short and right next to the car park. When the Feather Flowers and Star Flowers are in bloom, the Eagle View Trail is spectacular!

The Blue Wren Ramble trail is also very good, but a bit hillier than the Eagle View Trail.

Please click here for more information on walking around Ellis Brook Valley Reserve.
Whistlepipe Gully, Mundy Regional Park

Located to the west of Kalamunda and Lesmurdie, Mundy Regional Park is a wildflower gem. One of my favourite trails would have to be the Whistlepipe Gully Walk, a 3km trail which loops around the banks of a winding creek with numerous small waterfalls, wildflowers and foundations of a house which formally crossed the creek.

If you are feeling more adventurous, try the nearby Lewis Road Walk for panoramic views and a springtime wildflower spectacular. You don't have to do the whole loop, but I do recommend going up the gully a little as you will experience different types of wildflowers, specifically in the southern section of the Lewis Road Walk.

The Spectacles, Kwinana

The Spectacles lake system is located just north of Kwinana Train Station, with a carpark located on McLaughlan Road. My favourite walk in the area is the flat and easily accessible 3.2km Banksia Walk Trail, which has many more flowers than just Banksia.

Kings Park, Perth

In terms of wildflower variety and ease of access, it is hard to beat Kings Park, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Not only are there spectacular views over Perth and the Swan River, there are also spectacular views over a variety of wildflowers from Western Australia's different regions. Walking around Kings Park is the best "bang for your buck" in Western Australian wildflowers.

Most of the action occurs within the Western Australian Botanic Garden during the September Kings Park Festival. There will be plenty of crowds during the weekends of September so be prepared.

If you want a little more peace and quiet, I recommend walking into the bushland of Kings Park. The paths can get a little sandy, but they are still rather flat, and you never know what you will find growing naturally.

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