A Floral Walk at Kings Park Festival

Perth, Australia

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The Facts

  • Start or End: I started the walk in the city (near my home), but Kings Park is also easily accessed via public transport (Google Map Directions) and car.
  • Length: 7.0km (4.3mi) in about 2hr
  • Grade: Easy. A bit of an uphill climb from the city, but Kings Park itself is rather flat.
  • Date Walked: 5th of September 2015

The Story

It's the first weekend of spring and the wildflowers are in bloom. Time to take my camera for a walk and capture some of these beauties.

Spring has sprung and I can smell it in the air. So what does springtime in Perth mean? Wildflowers ... and plenty of them. The most convenient location to see wildflowers in Perth would have to be Kings Park Botanic Gardens (convenient for me as I live within walking distance). Sure the wildflowers are not "wild" but if you want variety Kings Park is the place to be. It is a great place to experience a sample of the wildflowers which are spread across Western Australia at this time of year.

The Kings Park Festival is also running through the month of September so there are also other events occurring within the park such as live music, people dressed up as flowers, exhibitions, native plant sales and guided walks. However, my focus will be on an enjoyable walk by myself amongst the flowers with camera in hand.

WARNING: This walking blog is very flowery and is basically about Western Australia botany. I'm no botanist, but I have really enjoyed walking around, taking close-up photographs of flowers and then looking up their scientific names. If pretty flowers, pink and Latin is not your cup of tea then please look away now. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Starting at the corner of Hay and Williams Streets in the Perth CBD I walk west along Hay St, take a right at Harvest Terrace, walk across Malcolm Street and then enter Kings Park via Fraser Avenue. The view from the Fraser Avenue Precinct towards the Perth CBD is generally spectacular ... but WOW! The blooming flowers in the foreground have improved the vista even more.

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Ok, this is a good start. Flowers are in bloom but I demand more. I continue along the Fraser Avenue Precinct towards the Botanic Garden. There are a number of decorated tree trunks to keep me amused as I search for flowers. Of the "Funky Trunks" exhibition my favourite would have to be the "Queen Tree" located next to the War Memorial.

Don't think I have ever seen a tree dressed up as the Queen before. Why the Queen (Queen Elizabeth that is, the British Monarch)? Well she planted the tree, a Red River Gum, back in 1954.

While looking up the dress of the Queen Tree I spot in the corner of my eye a flash of pink. It is coming from the Botanic Gardens. The flowers are definitely in bloom.

What else can I find? I head deeper into the Botanic Gardens along Lovekin Drive and find a mass of Everlasting Daisies next to Peppermint Lawn. I told you there would be a lot of pink in this blog.

Had enough pink yet? I have, so I leave the masses of Everlasting daisies behind me and walk along the lawn, past the Pioneer Women's Memorial, towards the Acacia Steps and into the bushland sections located at the southern end of the Botanic Gardens. Within the bushland there are still patches of pink, but other colours and a variety of flower forms dominate.

The bushland clears at the Roe Gardens and the sun shines on a plethora of stunning floral examples.

Flower overload! And everything in Kings Park isn't even in bloom yet. I am definitely going to need to revisit over the coming weeks. But for now I think it is time to head back home, rest and prepare for tomorrows walk which I have just decided to take. All this wildflower nonsense has inspired me to take a much longer walk tomorrow to find some "wild" wildflowers. Going to try a walk around "The Spectacles", located in Beeliar Regional Park.

On my way back through the Botanic Garden I take an alternate path and find even more wildflowers. Here is a sample.

Stay posted, there are even more walks and close-up photographs of flowers to come. And I promise more pink.

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