Gardens by the Bay


The Map

The Facts

  • Start or End: Start and finish at the Bayfront Train Station (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 5.1km (3.2mi) in about 2hr
  • Grade: Easy. Flat and fully paved.
  • Date Walked: 22nd of October 2013

The Story

Hovering massive babies, swinging from alien like trees and stunning gardens. A walk around Gardens by the Bay.

After lunch and a few beers in Little India I had retained my cool after getting hot under the collar about the bloody paparazzi at the Marina Bay Sands SkyDeck. Now I am going to head back to Marina Bay and explore the Gardens by the Bay, which I discovered on my awesome spin on the Singapore Flyer this morning. Really hope the Gardens by the Bay is not a tourist trap like the adjoining Marina Bay Sands SkyDeck.

It was really easy to get to the Gardens by the Bay from Little India. I just caught the train to the Bayfront MRT station, took Exit B and followed the underground passage. As soon as I emerged from the underground I could see the weird trees that I had viewed from the Singapore Flyer this morning. The actual name of these tree-like sculptures is Supertree Grove. Good name, they are really super!

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Just as super is the towering Marina Bay Sands and its SkyDeck. Despite my frustration with you this morning SkyDeck, it is hard to hate someone so pretty. I forgive you.

Before I can take a closer look at Supertree Grove I need to cross over Dragonfly Lake using the aptly named Dragonfly Bridge. There is another bridge further south called the Meadow Bridge, which can also be used to access the gardens, but I was drawn to the Dragonfly Bridge due to its proximity to Supertree Grove.

Guess what? It is free to enter the Gardens by the Bay and I wasn't forced to have my picture taken in front of a blue screen (I do forgive you SkyDeck, but I will never forget). This is awesome and so is Supertree Grove, which is just as brilliant up close as it is from afar. It is amazing how the designers have incorporated plant life and branch-like metal work into the structure to create a futuristic, alien type forest. The best part of Supertree Grove would have to be the OCBC Skyway, which is suspended between the trees 22 meters above the ground. Sure it does cost $5 to access the OCBC Skyway, but it is well worth it. The views from up here are fantastic. I completely forgot that I was scared of heights.

The OCBC Skyway is 128 meters long and only takes a few minutes to walk, but I spent ages up there taking pictures and admiring the views. Definitely recommended.

After the excitement of the OCBC Skyway I just randomly walked around the gardens. I didn't get to see everything, but I did come across some really interesting stuff including a large floating baby sculpture in The Meadow, a brilliant boardwalk along Dragonfly Lake and a stunning waterway/path in the Chinese Garden.

As I walk along the Dragonfly Lake boardwalk I get closer to the out-of-this-world glasshouses that I spotted this morning from the Singapore Flyer. Think it is time to check what these glasshouses are all about.

Ok ... So this is how Gardens by the Bay make money. I was wondering why everything so far was free or really inexpensive (you may think paying $5 to walk 128m across the OCBC Skywalk isn't worth it, but trust me it is). One of the glasshouses is called the Flower Dome, the other the Cloud Forest, and it costs $28 to enter. As the name suggests, Flower Dome is all about flowers and contains specimens from all over the world in a perpetual season of spring. The Cloud Forest on the other hand contains an array of flora from the tropical highlands and supposedly the world's tallest indoor waterfall. This all sounds very cool, but the Marina Bay area has already taken enough of my money today. Think I will take the cheap option and just walk around and admire the outside of the glasshouses.

As the sun sets on the fourth day of my metrotrekking adventure I approach the Marina Barrage (i.e. the dam wall that separates Marina Bay from the sea) and take in the spectacular night views of the Singapore CBD to the north. Unfortunately, I cannot share the views as every single picture I took with my iPhone is ridiculously grainy and overall just crap. Really need to invest in a proper camera.

Think it is time to head back to base camp in Little India, but before I do it is time for dinner and a few more Tiger beers. Luckily for me Satay by the Bay is just near the Marina Barrage, and soon enough I am washing some delicious chicken satay down with a few ice cold Tigers. Nice way to finish off today. What is install for me tomorrow? Think I might get out of the city and into the jungle.

P.S. I did get some ok night pictures on my way out of Gardens by the Bay. The best being the lightshow at Supertree Grove.


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