A Hike from Wan Chai to The Peak via the Hong Kong Trail

Hong Kong, China

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  • Start or End: I started and finished at my hotel in Wan Chai, near the corner of Wan Chai Road and Burrows Street (Google Map Directions). You can access the eastern end of the Hong Kong Trail via the bus stop on Stubbs Road (Google Map Directions). To access the western end, you will either need to walk up Peel Rise (like I did) or continue to Section 2 and take the bus from Tin Wan (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 16.4km (10.2mi) in 7hr (I spent some time at Luggard Road taking a time-lapse)
  • Grade: Medium. The Hong Kong Trail itself is rather easy as it is flat and about 7km long. Walking up the Wan Chai Green Trail and Peel Rise is a different story though (the path is wide and paved but it is definitely at an incline).
  • Date Walked: 11th of December 2015

The Story

I decree Section 3 of the Hong Kong Trail to be my least favourite. At least I saw a wild pig, got a sweat-up getting there and stood in awe of the big city lights from Lugard Road.

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