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A Day Hike Around Lamma Island, Hong Kong, China

10th of December 2015

A 27km day hike around Lamma Island with smoke stacks, lofty views, abandoned farms, seafood restaurants and expats.

  • Location: Lamma Island, Hong Kong, China
  • Start or End: I started and finished at Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Terminal (plus a ferry ride from Central Ferry Pier No.4 on Hong Kong Island). Alternatively, Lamma Island can also be accessed from Central Ferry Pier No.4 by ferry to Sok Kwu Wan Pier. Ferries also service Aberdeen.
  • Length: 27.3km (17.0mi)
  • Grade: The hike I did would be classified as hard, based mainly on the length and the climb up Ling Kok Shan. However, the hike could be classified easy to medium if only selected sections are walked. For example, the Lamma Island Family Walk is 7km according to Discover Hong Kong and travels from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan. Such a walk includes hilly sections and would be classified easy to medium (Google Maps seems to think the walk is much longer and circles around the island much like I did). If you choose to hike up Ling Kok Shan the walk would be upgraded to a medium classification.


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