The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk via the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus

Perth, Australia

The Map

The Facts

  • Start or End: Loop walk starting and finishing at the Kalamunda Bus Station on Mead Street (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 31.3km (19.5mi) in about 8hr
  • Grade: Hard, because of the length. The terrain is not that difficult, with the steepest sections around Piesse Brook in Kalamunda National Park. If you choose to just do The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk (by car as it is not accessible via public transport) the walk is classified as easy to medium.
  • Date Walked: 18th of August 2018

The Story

A hike in Kalamunda and Beelu National Parks with abundant wildflowers, bushland scenery, flowing streams and a crime scene.

It's a Saturday and the weather is looking gorgeous, mild temperatures and blue skies await. Now to find a new track, better check out the City of Kalamunda Walking Trails page for some inspiration. I decide on The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk in Beelu National Park, which lies to the south-west of Mundaring Weir. The walk itself is not accessible via public transport, so I need to walk there somehow. The options are either from a Mundaring bus stop or a Kalamunda bus stop. I choose the Kalamunda option as the start/finish point because the route is more scenic. In hindsight, I could have started in Kalamunda and finished at Mundaring, but that would mean walking a section of The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk twice or just missing a section altogether. I think I'm happy with my choice.

I catch the 7:10 am 229 bus from Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and arrive at Kalamunda Bus Station on Mead Street at about 8:00 am. A short walk east along Mead Street I meet the North Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track.

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Recently, I have started to experiment a with video, so here is a short clip of the North Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track.

Walking the Bibbulmun Track, I pass through Hedley Jorgensen Park into Kalamunda National Park, where I am shortly greeted with panoramic views over Kalamunda National Park and Beelu National Park.

And why not some video?

The path leads downhill through a valley with plentiful wildflowers and a stream that leads to Piesse Brook and Rocky Pool.

The Bibbulmun Track joins Schipp Road which I take north over Piesse Brook, past the Bibbulmun Track turn off and onto Rocky Pools. After a good lot of rain, Rocky Pool is in full flow.

I backtrack along Schipp Road to the Bibbulmun Track turn off and start heading uphill towards Paulls Valley to the east. Plenty of bushland, sunshine and wildflowers.

And some video of this section. An especially interesting sight occurs at 1:40. I call it "Cock Rock".

Just before reaching Fern Road in Paulls Valley I notice some white markings on the ground.

Do you see the dotted white lines around what appears to the tyre marks in the ground just off the path? These are police markings from a crime scene which occurred a couple of weeks back. The ABC provides the details, but in a nutshell, some crazy guy allegedly ran over a male Finish hiker, got out of the car and attacked him with a shovel and then �turned his attention" to the hiker's female companion. Luckily the male hiker was still fit enough to fight, the female got hold of the shovel and got stuck in and a passer-by was there help. I dare say the attacker will be in prison for a while.

No crazies on the trail today (the Bibbulmun Track is actually very safe) and I continue my walk east through Kalamunda National Park, past the Calamunnda Camel Farm and into Beelu National Park. Not too many points of interest along here, just plenty of bushland. However, there is a caf� at the Camel Farm on Paulls Valley Road and if you have time why not try riding a camel.

No camel riding today, my focus is on hiking and after about 4.5km from Fern Road, I find my first trail marker for The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk.

I walk the circuit in a clockwise direction, which is a continuation of the Bibbulmun Track and provides some panoramic views over the Helena River Valley. Most of this section is a very wide dirt track but just before South Ledge Road, the path enters denser bushland.

I could have taken a diversion to the South Ledge Lookout, which provides panoramic views over the Helena River Valley, Mundaring Weir and Lake C.Y. O'Connor. However, I have been there before (see here), so I continue with The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk, which deviates off the Bibbulmun Track and heads south-west. The remainder of The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk is mostly wide track (you could drive a car along it) in bushland with no major points of interest.

The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk isn't the most interesting walk in the world, but if you like wide tracks in peaceful bushland this is probably for you. I didn't find the track that well marked and I did get a little lost around the eastern side of the circuit near Mundaring Weir Road. I think this is the path ...

The picture above is the most unloved part of the trail, and I assume it is actually part of it. Apart from this section, the path is obvious.

Soon enough I am back to where I started The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk. Time to head back home the way I came.

In total, I hiked about 31km in 8 hours, probably a lot of effort to experience The Dell to South Ledge Circuit Walk, which itself isn't overly inspiring. However, I really did enjoy the day hiking around Kalamunda and Beelu National Park.


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