Did you enjoy a walk on metrotrekker?

If so, please show your support and contribute so I can continue to provide a secure, reliable and informative website without the annoyances typical of the internet. There are

NO advertisements

NO third-party tracking

NO annoying pop ups

NO affiliate programs

Unfortunately, running a website does cost money, so if I could recoup some of the cost, I would be more than delighted. To do so, metrotrekker uses a "Pay What You Want" model (there are ten options ranging from $5 to $1000 AUD) via the secure and reputable PayPal. You can "Pay What You Want" via your PayPal account or credit card.

Thank you for your contribution. It is greatly appreciated.

As described in the privacy policy, PayPal will disclose your email address to metrotrekker via email and within the secure PayPal website (just like if you paid for anything via PayPal). I will not disclose this information to anyone and will use the email address to send a one-time Thank You email (stored securely on the origin server).

So where does the money go?

Here are the fixed costs (in Australian dollars):

  • $77/month Adobe Creative Cloud membership: the software I use to write the website code, create icons, edit photos and make videos.
  • $43/month Cloudflare Professional CDN: A Content Delivery Network which I use to make the website download faster (for more information on why I use a CDN please visit the privacy page).
  • $280/year Web Hosting Package: This is where the website is housed and includes the annual usage fee of the domain name and the TLS/SSL Certificate which is the standard encryption technology for keeping the internet connection between your computer and the metrotrekker server secure.

Here are the variable costs:

  • $???/month My Time: Not sure how much time I spend on metrotrekker but it is probably too much. I do enjoy it though.
  • $???/month Travel: I really don't want to know how much I spend on public transport, domestic and international travel.
  • $???/month Technology and Equipment: Photography equipment, random hiking gear and expensive shoes. Another cost I really don’t want to know about.

What would I like the money to go towards?

  • Development of an app for android and iOS that has offline maps of the walks and hikes. Such a project would cost me more time and would involve additional costs in serving the offline maps, this brings me to my next wish ...
  • Rid metrotrekker of Google Maps and instead use in-house map tiles. Google Maps is good, but I'm a little concerned about privacy, page speed and the non-existent offline capability for the metrotrekker website or future app.
  • Continued improvements in website speed, functionality, navigation and content.
  • Provide even more walks and hikes by making metrotrekker a full-time endeavour ... now that's a big wish.

If you contributed, thank you for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated. If not, thank you for your readership.