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Disclaimer is a personal website which I run for enjoyment. The information on this website is free of charge and gives you suggestions on hiking/walking trails and attractions along the way. Please be aware of your safety when on these trails. I cannot take responsibility for changes in trail conditions (if you do find an error though, please feel free to contact me) and your ability to complete such trails. The maps I provide for each walk are correct at the time of writing but do not fully trust the online maps as trails can change and GPS systems can become inaccurate. I do suggest a difficulty of each trail, but that's what I think based on my abilities. What I think is "medium difficulty" would be impossible for someone like my 94-year-old grandmother. Please use some common sense, walk to the conditions, be prepared with more than enough water and tell someone where you are going.


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Privacy and Security

Respecting people's privacy and ensuring internet security is important to me and This can be a complicated subject, but I will try to keep it as succinct as possible.

Cookies and Third-Party Tracking

Internet cookies (little packets of data used by your browser and an external website to help with identification and settings) make the internet world-go-round. If it wasn't for cookies you would need to re-login every time you change page on your internet banking website or social media account. Cookies are extremely useful, but itself doesn't need them as there is no login system, shopping cart or user settings.

However, there is one cookie on called "__cfduid". What's that? Well, uses the Content Delivery Network services of to detect malicious visitors, increase security and improve performance. does not set this cookie, Cloudflare does. The __cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes your IP address (i.e. you are not personally identified) and the cookie expires after 30 days. For more information please visit Understanding the Cloudflare Cookies, Cloudflare Privacy Policy and How Does Cloudflare Work?

Importantly, the __cfduid cookie does not allow for cross-site tracking and doesn't follow you from site to site by merging various _cfduid identifiers into a profile. That is, __cfduid is not a Third-Party Tracking cookie. So, what is a Third-Party Tracking cookie? Have you ever searched for something on Google or clicked on an advertisement on Facebook and then for the next month you get advertisements for similar products on social media accounts and websites? Well, that's a Third-Party Tracking cookie created by the usual culprits of Google, the social media platforms and any website that has advertisements (especially websites and blogs which use Google Analytics and Adsense to create income). Metrotrekker did use Google Analytics in the past (as it does provide good anonymous data about how the website is functioning) but abandoned it due to privacy concerns and the fact that I believed I was part of the problem with Third-Party Tracking cookies. Metrotrekker does not use or distribute Third-Party Tracking cookies.

Server Logs

The origin server on which runs is professionally operated by and like most servers, it logs your IP address (basically your computer/networks name). Logging IP addresses is standard practice (for security and fault-finding), lawful and there is debate as to whether an IP address is indeed "personal data". Regardless, such information is stored securely and used solely for legitimate security and fault-finding reasons. None of this information is shared with third-parties.

TLS/SSL Certificate

The website uses the standard encryption technology for keeping the internet connection between your computer and the metrotrekker server secure (you will see the lock icon near the address bar in your browser). Security is further increased with the services provided by Cloudflare.


If you send me an email, I will receive your email address and any other personal details you choose to include. Such information will not be shared and will be stored securely on the origin server (just like all my emails).

If you choose to financially contribute to via PayPal (first, a very big Thank You!), PayPal will disclose your email address details to metrotrekker via email and within the secure PayPal website (just like if you paid for anything via PayPal). I will not disclose this information to anyone and will use the email address to send a one-time Thank You email (once again, stored securely on the origin server).

If you have any further queries please contact me via the contact page.

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