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A Rocky Climb Over Mount Rokko Followed by a Chilly Downhill to Arima Onsen, Kobe, Japan

19th of November 2018

Working up a sweat on the rocks of Mount Rokko followed by a chilly but beautiful downhill hike to a place of relaxation.

  • Location: Mount Rokko, Kobe, Japan.
  • Start or End: I started at Ashiya Train Station (there are three train lines in the area, so alternatively you could start at Ashiya-gawa and the other Ashiya station to the south) and finished at Arima Onsen Train Station.
  • Length: 13.7km (8.5mi)
  • Grade: Medium. The hike up the southern side of Mount Rokko has rock-climbs which would be negotiable by anyone of reasonable fitness. The paths are clear and well-trodden.


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