Takao to Arashiyama via Atago-san and Kiyotake-gawa

Kyoto, Japan

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  • Start or End: I started at the bus stop in Takao (Google Map Directions) and finished at the Arashiyama Light Rail Station (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 18.0km (11.2mi) in about 7hr
  • Grade: Medium to Hard. There are some slippery rocky sections along the Kiyotaki River. Take care as you may find yourself in the river. The 700m ascent to Atago-san via Tsukinowadera is serviced by a well-trodden trail and the climb isn’t that arduous, but a good level of fitness is required. Also, the path via Tsukinowadera is closed before 9:30 am and after 5:00 pm (I dare say the priest doesn’t like people passing through at night). The trail from Atago-san to Arashiyama is downhill and is a wide, very well-trodden path (watch out for loose gravel though, I fell on my arse in front of a group of hikers coming the other way).
  • Date Walked: 15th of November 2017

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What a hike! Mountain temples, autumn colours, towering forests and the enjoyment of rock hopping along the beautiful Kiyotaki-gawa.

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