Hiking the Hong Kong Trail Section 4

Hong Kong, China

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The Facts

  • Start or End: I accessed the start of Section 4 via the hilly Wan Chai Green Trail (Google Map Directions) but there is also a bus stop on Stubbs Road near the start of the trail (Google Map Directions). There is a bus stop at the end of the trail on the corner of Repulse Bay Road and Tai Tam Reservoir Road (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 10.1km (6.3mi) in about 3hr
  • Grade: Section 4 of the Hong Kong Trail is rather flat, tree covered and easy to walk. The Wan Chai Green Trail however is tough and very hilly.
  • Date Walked: 16th of December 2015

The Story

The start of a long day on the Hong Kong Trail involves phallic rocks, plenty of shade and a foot massage offer from pebbles.

Today is my last full day in Hong Kong and my last chance for a hike on my 3 week metrotrekking adventure around Taipei and Hong Kong. Better make the most of it. Better walk 32km of the 50km Hong Kong Trail. Yep that's right, today I am going to complete sections 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Hong Kong Trail. That's too much for one blog post, so I'm going to have one blog post for each section.

It's going to be a big day so I start at the crack of dawn. From my hotel in Wan Chai I climb the steep slopes of the Wan Chai Green Trail destined to the intersection of Peak Road and Stubbs Road, close to where Section 4 of the Hong Kong Trail begins. However, I am quickly side tracked by a sign pointing towards "Lovers' Rock" along the Bowen Road Fitness Trail. I have heard about Lovers' Rock (a.k.a or Destiny's Rock or Yan Yuen Sek) before, supposedly it's a big rock shaped like a penis and frequented by Hong Kong's female residents who are having issues with their significant other or bearing a child. Ok Hong Kong Trail, you will have to wait. How could I turn down a rock shaped like a penis? Along the way I am treated to some good views over Wan Chai from the Bowen Road Fitness Trail.

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After a few minutes walking I reach the staircase to Lovers' Rock and ascend. Behold Lovers' Rock.

I don't know about you guys out there, but mine looks nothing like that. I have seen a few penises in my time, but nothing that looks even remotely to the shape of Lovers' Rock. If your penis looks like this, I suggest you see a doctor immediately.

I'm a little disappointed by Lovers' Rock, so I head back along Bowen Road Fitness Trail and to my true destination of the Hong Kong Trail via the Wan Chai Green Trail. Be warned, the Wan Chai Green Trail is not only green, it is also very steep. By the time I reach Stubbs Road I am absolutely stuffed. Need a quick breather before crossing Stubbs Road and heading down Aberdeen Reservoir Road to the start of the Hong Kong Trail Section 4. Time for some serious hiking now.

What do I find along Section 4? Tree covered paths. Plenty of tree covered paths with the occasional view through the foliage.

A lot of the path is flat and tree covered but there are sections exposed to the sun and at an incline.

To be honest the walk wasn't really that exciting. There are good occasional views over Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau and Deep Water Bay but most of the time you are hidden under foliage. Photography opportunities are scarce, but it was a pleasant walk regardless. Sure you do hear the rumblings of the city in the distance, but the path was unpopulated and rather peaceful.

Probably one of the most interesting finds was a diversion off the main path to a pebble walk foot massage. Basically, it's an area of ground in which smooth stones and cemented in place. You then walk over the stones to get a foot massage.

To enjoy the pebble walk you obviously need to take your shoes off, but I couldn't be bothered. With all the hiking I have done over the last 3 weeks and all the walking I will do today, I probably should have given my feet some time off to relax. But no feet, you cannot relax yet! Time for some more hiking.

Section 4 of the Hong Kong Trail ends in the suburban streets of Tai Tam at the intersection of Tai Tam Reservoir Road and Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Time for Section 5. Hopefully it's a little more exciting that Section 4. The promise of views from Jardine's Lookout and Mount Butler is exciting, but it's going to take some work.


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