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The Hunch Backs, Ma On Shan, Pyramid Hill and the MacLehose Trail, Hong Kong, China

8th of December 2015

It was one hell of a climb, but the views were heavenly. A story of taking on Ma On Shan Country Park.

  • Location: Ma On Shan Country Park, Hong Kong, China
  • Start or End: I started at a bus stop in Kam Ying Court on Kam Ying Road, Ma On Shan. The hike finished at the bus stop under the Tsz Oi Court Multi-Story Car Park on Tsz Wan Shan Road, Tsz Wan Shan.
  • Length: 14.9km (9.3mi)
  • Grade: Hard. The initial climb to the top of the Hunch Backs is very steep and rocky. Probably the hardest I have experienced in Hong Kong so far. In many cases this isn’t a walk but a climb as you will need to use your hands. It gets easier after reaching the summit but there are still plenty of steep gradients to contend with. Don’t expect any signage on the first climb, but once you start following the MacLehose Trail there is plenty of signage.


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