Walking Along the Beach from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay

Hong Kong, China

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  • Start or End: I started at the bus stop on Island Road next to Deep Water Bay Beach (Google Map Directions). In hindsight, I should have got off the bus west of where I did, at the junction of Island Road, Shouson Hill Road and Wong Chuk Hang Road (Google Map Directions). This way I could start at the western end of the Mills and Chung Walk and hence not backtrack. I finished at the bus stop on Repulse Bay Road, closest to Repulse Bay Beach (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 4.9km (3.0mi) in about 1.5hr
  • Grade: Easy. Flat and fully paved if you want, but I got off the path and walked along the beach when possible.
  • Date Walked: 14th of December 2015

The Story

Definitely not a beach day in Hong Kong, but still an enjoyable walk.

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