Hiking the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail

Perth, Western Australia

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  • Start or End: I started at the bus stop near the corner of Marmion Avenue and Lagoon Drive, Yanchep (Google Map Directions) and finished at Joondalup Train Station (Google Map Directions). The official northern end of the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail is in Yanchep National Park (Google Map Directions), while the official southern end is at Neil Hawkins Park on the western shore of Lake Joondalup (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 36.6km (22.7mi) in about 8hr
  • Grade: Hard (I lost two toenails on this hike). The terrain isn’t that difficult, and the path is very well maintained, it’s just the distance. If you walk from Yanchep to Yanchep National Park you will need to walk along the shoulder of Yanchep Beach Road for a few kilometres. There are zero facilities along the walk (between Yanchep National Park and the north of Lake Joondalup), no water, no shelter, no seats and no toilets. Public transport options along the path are very limited.
  • Date Walked: 9th of July 2018

The Story

A long day hike from Yanchep to Lake Joondalup via Yanchep National Park and Neerabup National Park.

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