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A Morning Hike on the Karak Bidi of the Whadjuk Trail Network, Perth, Western Australia

22nd of April 2017

The translation of Karak Bidi means Black Cockatoo Trail, but it's not just about bird life. Along the way, there are Swan River views, trendy shopping streets, parkland, affluent suburbs and the history of Karrakatta Cemetery.

  • Location: Karak Bidi from Rosalie Park, Shenton Park to Paul Hasluck Reserve, Dalkeith, Western Australia, Australia.
  • Start or End: Officially the walk starts at Rosalie Park and ends at Dalkeith. However, I started at the bus stop on Waratah Avenue near Hobbs Avenue, Dalkeith, then walked to Paul Hasluck Reserve. From there I walked the Karak Bidi to Rosalie Park and caught the bus from the corner of Thomas Street and Austin Street, Shenton Park.
  • Length: 12.3km (7.6mi)
  • Grade: Easy to Medium. Good quality paths the whole way and rather flat. Just in the medium category due to length.


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