Shoalwater to Port Kennedy Walk

Perth, Australia

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  • Start or End: Start or end at either the bus stop near the Safety Bay Post Office (Google Map Directions), which is the terminus for three separate bus services from Rockingham Train Station, or the Port Kennedy Boat Ramp, which is 1.8km away from a bus stop on Port Kennedy Drive (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 9.8km (6.1mi) in about 2hr
  • Grade: Easy. Rather flat (undulates in the dunes a bit) and fully paved.
  • Date Walked: 25th of April 2013

The Story

Birds eating playground equipment, mansions in the dunes, nude beaches and public holiday bus timetables. A walking adventure along the shores of the Warnbro sound.

Public holiday and the weather is beautiful. The perfect combination for a good long walk. Today I decided to walk south along the coast from Shoalwater base camp as far as I could go. Walked down the street to the Safety Bay Yacht Club and took a left south bound. Where this would end and what I would find, I was unsure.

The cement path along Warnbro Sound is great. The path hugs the shoreline all the way from the Safety Bay Yacht Club to the intersection of Warnbro Beach Road and Shelton Road. The beach views are great, there is plenty of bird life and the path is flat. No wonder it is so popular, plenty of people walking and cycling. The walk is also well facilitated with restrooms and water fountains periodically along the path.

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At the corner of Warnbro Beach Road and Shelton Road the path deviates from the road and heads into the sand dunes. The path winds its way through the dunes and despite some steep sections the path is easily walkable thanks to the path being cement the whole way. Apart from seeing the flora and fauna of the dunes this path provides a great view of how the other half live, with a number of mansions overlooking the dunes. Another great feature of this path are the spectacular views from the lookouts on the higher dunes.

After the heights of the dune walk the path leads down behind the dunes alongside the Port Kennedy Golf Club. Nothing that interesting apart from native flora and fauna, but I did come across a sign pointing the way to a nude bathing beach. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a towel, oh well another day (I'm being sarcastic by the way).

The path ended at a car park next to a nice little beach in a new housing area of Port Kennedy, where a number of people were fishing and swimming. Couldn't find any other obvious paths so decided to call it a day as I had already walked 12 km. After a snack and a drink I decided to catch the bus home, but because it is a public holiday the bus schedule is rubbish. Really should have thought of this before I walked this far from home. Ended up walking back the same way to enjoy the path once again. This could be the longest walk I have ever undertaken, 24 km.

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