Shoalwater Bay Walk

Perth, Australia

The Map

The Facts

  • Start or End: Best starting position is probably at the bus stop near the Safety Bay Post Office, which is the terminus for three separate bus services from Rockingham Train Station (Google Map Directions). At Point Peron, the public transport is non-existent, so walk back the way you came or walk down Point Peron Road and catch the 551 bus from Parkin Street (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: One way 5.6km (3.5mi) in about 1-1.5hr
  • Grade: Easy. Flat. Paved and beach walk.
  • Date Walked: 7th of April 2013

The Story

Calm blue waters, craggy limestone islands, and stinking mounds of seaweed. A walking adventure along the shores of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

My first ever blog post! Even though walking is one of my favourite hobbies it has taken me a while to get with what all the cool kids are doing and blog about it. Thought it was a good opportunity to start because I have only recently moved to Perth (located on the west coast of Australia) so there are many new paths for me to explore and share. Anyway, here goes.

Started off walking from base camp (my unit in Shoalwater southwest of Perth) early in the morning (I am definitely an early morning person) and headed down the road to the Safety Bay Yacht Club. There are really nice views from the Yacht Club over Warnbro Sound to the south, but today I headed north-west along the cement path to Shoalwater and Point Peron. You can walk along the beach, but I prefer the sturdiness of cement.

The highlight of this walk has to be the views of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park (the flatness is also a highlight!). Not far off-shore are a series of craggy limestone islands which are the home to a number of birds and animals. Penguin Island is one of the most popular for tourists and a ferry can take you over there to view, you guess it, penguins. Some people actually walk across the sand bar over to Penguin Island to avoid the $20 return ferry fare, however some occasionally don't make it and get swept out to sea. I like walking and not spending money, but if there is a risk of drowning I'll pay to take a boat. I'm not that cheap.

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The cement path stops at the corner of Boundary Road and Arcadia Drive, so I decided to walk along the beach to Point Peron. Not the biggest fan of walking along the beach, but the walk was not that long so I went for it. The majority of the beach is flat and sandy, but there are also huge mounds of dead seaweed that need to be navigated. Would hate to be around when the sun hits those decaying mountains of seaweed. Luckily for me the smell wasn't that bad. Despite the smell the view of the crystal clear water lapping at the rocks of Point Peron made the walk very enjoyable.

Once I reached Point Peron it was time to call it a day, so I headed home along the road back to base camp. A very enjoyable 6km morning walk.


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