Shoalwater and Point Peron Sunset Walk

Perth, Australia

The Facts

  • Start or End: Best starting position is probably at the bus stop near the Safety Bay Post Office (Google Map Directions), which is the terminus for three separate bus services from Rockingham Train Station.
  • Length: 12.3km (7.6mi) in about 3hr
  • Grade: Easy to Medium. Relatively flat, gets hilly around Point Peron though. Paths in Shoalwater are fully paved while in Point Peron there is a mixture of beach, gravel paths and walks along the road.
  • Date Walked: 6th of June 2014

The Map

The Story

The weather is perfect, I got out of work early and it is Friday afternoon. What an opportunity to test out my new camera on a sunset over the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

My new camera has arrived from! I received the camera, a Nikon D5300 DSLR with an 18-140mm lens, back a few weeks ago but I am yet to take it for a spin. Unfortunately, the weather has been horrible here in Perth and I didn't want to get my new baby wet. But the weather has fined up, I got out of work early and it is Friday afternoon. What an opportunity to test out my new camera. And a sunset over the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, which is just a few minutes' walk away, is the perfect spot. My destination is the summit of Point Peron, where I think I will get the best sunset views, but I will take the long the way around via the shoreline of Warnbro Sound and Shoalwater.

This afternoons walk starts at the Shoalwater Shopping Centre and heads south down Safety Bay Road to Safety Bay Yacht Club and the waters of Warnbro Sound.

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From the Safety Bay Yacht Club I head west along the Warnbro Sound coast towards the Mersey Point Jetty, the location of the Penguin Island ferry.

I'm not venturing over to Penguin Island today (it's too late anyway) so instead I test the zoom capabilities of the new camera. Works much better than the iPhone I formally used.

From Mersey Point Jetty I head north along the concrete path towards Point Peron. Along the way I use my new found zoom capabilities to capture the islands of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

I veer off the concrete path and onto the beach on the western shoreline of Point Peron. Last time I was here the shoreline was amass with sinking piles of seaweed. This time no seaweed, to my noses relief, but plenty of beautiful scenery to capture as the sun sets.

The sun is setting quickly. Not sure I timed this walk very well. Will I make it to the Point Peron summit before sunset? Time to focus on the walking and less on the camera. Trudging through the sand as quickly as I can, then up the stairs to the summit of Point Peron I finally make it, out of breath and a little sweaty, but well worth the effort.

I was initially surprised with the popularity of Point Peron on a late Friday afternoon, but I shouldn't be, as it is absolutely stunning around Point Peron at sunset. Point Peron appears to be a very popular spot for guys to come over after work, have a few beers, throw a line into the ocean and rev the crap out of their souped-up cars in the carpark.

The sunset over the Indian Ocean from Point Peron also appears to be a popular spot for stoners. My photograph snapping disturbed a young couple sitting on top of the Observation Post having a romantic time while smoking some weed. I think they expected me to leave. They expected wrong. Soon enough they floated away and I was free to take some shots unhindered.

The camera works! For a first attempt I am happy, but I can certainly improve. With any luck I can move away from the auto settings or randomly pressing buttons and hoping for the best. The correct operation of a camera is the least of my worries however, I am currently in the dark, it is getting cold and I am kilometres from home. Time to take my new toy home.



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