Mangles Bay to Rockingham Grain Terminal Walk

Perth, Australia

The Map

The Facts

  • Start or End: Start or end at either Mangles Bay, on the corner of Esplanade and Hymus Street (Google Map Directions), or the Naval Memorial Park (Google Map Directions). Bus services are close by on the entirety of the walk.
  • Length: 3.9km (2.4mi) in about 45mins to 1hr
  • Grade: Very Easy. Flat and fully paved.
  • Date Walked: 14th of April 2013

The Story

Boats moored on bright blue water, uncontrolled kids on bikes, sand dunes and a Fairwater (i.e. the top part of a submarine). A walking adventure along the shores of the Cockburn sound.

Headed off for a mid-morning walk to the Rockingham foreshore today. Started off at base camp in Shoalwater and headed north along Safety Bay Road to Mangles Bay. Mangles Bay is a really nice area with great views of moored boats against the back drop of Cockburn Sound and Garden Island. I can understand why real estate moguls want to develop this area, they would make a bucket load of cash. Alternatively, I can also understand why many in the area don't want it developed, it is such as nice spot as is.

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From Mangles Bay the cement path heads east towards the cafe strip on the Rockingham foreshore. Along the way a great stop for a rest and photo opportunity is the Palm Beach Jetty at the corner of Fisher St and Esplanade. There are great views all the way up the Cockburn Sound foreshore with the smoke stacks of the Kwinana industrial zone clearly visible.

Up to this point the walk was only inhabited by the occasional dog walker or jogger. However, this all changed at Churchill Park where many were out having brunch, going for a swim and setting up on the grass for a family picnic. I had to be on the lookout for loose dogs running around and kids on bikes who were obviously just off training wheels. Churchill Park seems to be a very popular spot on a sunny weekend.

Once navigating the hordes at Churchill Park the walk became much less populated after Bell Park, where the path diverted slightly inland behind the sand dunes and to another parked area. This must be another area for families who missed out on the prime locations at Churchill and Bell Park. After all the parks the path turned into the sand dunes and made for quite a pleasant winding nature walk. The dedicated cement path ends at the Naval Memorial Park where a number of navel relics, like an old gun turret and the top of a submarine (also called a Fairwater or Sail), can be found. At the end of the Naval Memorial Park stands the towering grain terminal, which could be easily seen from back at Mangles Bay.

That was enough walking for today and I was feeling like lunch. So back to base camp it was through the streets of Rockingham. On the way back I noticed a nice path leading around Lake Richmond, which is only a few minutes away from base camp. Will have to check this out one day. Anyway, 7 km is enough for today.


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