Lake Richmond Walk

Perth, Australia

The Facts

  • Start or End: The best public transport to Lake Richmond would be bus 551 (there is a bus stop near Lake Richmond on Safety Bay Road) from Rockingham Train Station (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 3.0km (1.9mi) in about 45mins
  • Grade: Very easy. Flat gravel paths.
  • Date Walked: 28th of April 2013

The Map

The Story

Water views, birds and living rocks (or maybe not). A walking adventure around Lake Richmond.

Time to check out Lake Richmond! It's only up the road and it is a beautiful Sunday morning, so I have no excuses. I have been past Lake Richmond on previous walks and seen it from the bus plenty of times, but this is the first time for a full exploration. At first I wasn't sure where to start, but luckily for me on the north-west corner of the lake is a series of information boards that give the low-down on the path, points of interest, flora, fauna (snakes!) and thrombolites. What are thrombolites? Glad you asked, from the helpful information boards provided they are a microbial community that looks a lot like a rock, so called "living rocks". Well then, they sound interesting.

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A gravel path encircles Lake Richmond and provides half decent views of the lakes water and the sedgelands. However, the best view has to be from the lookout tower located on the south-east of the lake. From up here you can see everything, birds, flora, nice water views and….where are the thrombolites that the information boards talked up? There are some sorts of rocky bumps lining the lakes edge on the southern end of the lake, but nothing impressive.

Think I may have come at the wrong time of year for thrombolite spotting. They are probably covered in water due to recent rain. Oh well, will have to go searching when it is a bit drier. The information boards state that January to April is the best time to see them. Who would have thought rock viewing was seasonal. Apart from the disappointment of not finding any living rocks, Lake Richmond is a really nice spot for a leisurely Sunday morning walk.

On the internet there is talk of a boardwalk that goes out into the lake to observe the thrombolites. Google maps even shows such a boardwalk and on closer inspection of the information boards the boardwalk is shown. However, on my walk I couldn’t find any boardwalk. At first I thought I was just a complete idiot, who can’t find a boardwalk? But from looking over Google Earth’s history function it appears that the boardwalk was demolished a few years back. What a shame.



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