Kalamunda Loop Hike via Statham's Quarry, Helena Pipehead Dam and Rocky Pool

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The Facts

  • Start or End: I started at the bus stop near the corner of Railway Road and Elizabeth Street, Kalamunda (Google Map Directions) and finished at the Kalamunda Bus Station on Mead Street (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 14.9km (9.3mi) in about 5hr (could be much quicker as I did take in the scenery a fair bit)
  • Grade: Medium. The Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail, the roads leading to Statham's Quarry, and Helena Valley Road are paved, flat and easy. Most other paths are dirt tracks with some moderately steep sections. The Medivac section in Kalamunda National Park is probably the most difficult. The walk up Spring Road is all paved, but a bit of an uphill slog.
  • Date Walked: 21st of September 2018

The Story

A scenic Kalamunda and Gooseberry Hill hike with railway history, Statham's Quarry, wildflowers, bushland, sweeping valley views and a flowing Rocky Pool.

It's Friday and I am taking the day off work for some R&R. That is hiking. But where to walk? Better check out the City of Kalamunda Walking Trails page for some inspiration. I haven't tried the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail yet. I wonder what that's about? Looks like a nice flat 6km path which follows the old railway line south from the Zig Zag Railway (I have been there before) through Kalamunda to Walliston. Looks good, but am interested in a walk which is a bit more strenuous and adventurous. Think I will give the northern section of the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail a walk, then follow Lascelles Parade and the Zig Zag Scenic Drive to Statham's Quarry, continue north through some bushland (which I haven't been to before) to Helena Valley Road and enjoy the scenery of the valley. From the Helena River, I will head back to Kalamunda via Kalamunda National Park and take a peek at Rocky Pools and try a trail called "Medivac" while I am there (I noticed the Medivac trail via OpenStreetMaps, I think it might be a mountain bike trail).

Ok, let's start with a picture.

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This is the entrance to the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail off Elizabeth Street, Kalamunda. As you can see, it is a nice flat track shaded by plentiful vegetation. As I continue north such scenery continues.

The Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail seems to be popular with the locals and their furry friends. I can understand why, as it would be a good morning walk to start off the day.

It doesn't take long before I am off the trail and walking along Lascelles Parade and the Zig Zag Scenic Drive. Despite being a road walk, there are hardly any cars to dodge and there are plenty of sweeping views to keep me entertained.

Time to get off the road and hit the bush tracks to my first rest spot, Statham's Quarry.

I have visited Statham's Quarry several times and it never fails to disappoint. I still can't get close to the edge without my knees trembling, but I can still enjoy the expansive views a few meters from the edge of the cliff. Time for a rest and to enjoy some views.

Then it's back onto the bush tracks to find Helena Valley Road.

I have walked the path above before. If you take a left you will reach the floor of Statham's Quarry, but this time I am taking the path to the right into unknown territory. This is what I find.

Rocky trails surrounded by bushland with plenty of wattle and other flowers in bloom. The trail looks like it might be a bridle trail as there are a few horse poos lying around.

I hit Helena Valley Road and take a right. Time for a road walk, a road with zero cars, the best type of road.

When the asphalt turns to gravel I know Helena River Valley views are on the way. But first, a pit-stop at an access point to the Helena River.

After a rest in the shade, it's time to take on the sunny paths along the Helena River Valley. This is one of my favourite sections of the walk.

After reaching halfway along the Helena Pipehead Dam the path turns into the bushland.

The paths along here can get a bit rocky and steep, but in the distance, I can hear the sound of rushing water at Rocky Pools, so I know the slog will soon be worth it. And it is ...

I think this is the best spot to sit and rest while watching and listening to Rocky Pools. There is a large flat rock, just off the path which provides the eagle view. Unfortunately, this vantage point is also popular with "people" who can't be arsed picking up after themselves. Looks like I will be hauling some cigarette butts, cigarette packets and a few drink bottles to a bin within Kalamunda.

Off my high horse, I continue the walk. Usually, I take the Bibbulmun Track to Kalamunda from Rocky Pool, but today I am going to try something new. After a bit of investigation via Google Maps Satellite view and OpenStreetMaps, I notice a path (called "Medivac" on OpenStreetMaps) which I would like to explore.

It's a bit rocky and steep at first ...

but it does start to flatten out and the wildflowers also make a dramatic appearance.

I think the Bibbulmun Track option back to Kalamunda is more scenic, but it was a nice change.

The Medivac Trail does continue west, but I take a left at the main trail (part of the official Kalamunda Rocky Pool Trail) and head towards Spring Road. At Spring Road, the bushwalk is over and it's just an uphill slog to Kalamunda bus station.

What a good way to spend a day off work. I really enjoyed this walk as it passes through several scenic areas in the Kalamunda region. Plenty of bang for your buck with this hike.


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