Canning Bridge to Perth Bell Tower Walk

Perth, Australia

The Map

The Facts

  • Start or End: Start or end at either Canning Bridge Train Station (Google Map Directions) or Elizabeth Quay Train Station (Google Map Directions).
  • Length: 13.1km (8.1mi) in about 2.5hr
  • Grade: Easy. Flat and fully paved.
  • Date Walked: 2nd of June 2013

The Story

Swans, highway noise, CBD views and bells. A metrotrek along the Swan River to the Perth CBD.

Today I venture out of the Rockingham area and head north to the Perth CBD for a city trek. From base camp in Shoalwater I ride my bike to Rockingham Train Station, lock up the bike and hop on the train north to the city. Soon enough I am at Canning Bridge Train Station and disembark ready to try out my new Fila Fortifiers.

As the name suggests, Canning Bridge Train Station is near Canning Bridge, and as the name suggests Canning Bridge crosses the Canning River. The government departments naming these major pieces of infrastructure probably spent months and many tax payer dollars to think up these inventive names. Anyway, enough of my whinging about government incompetency. The Canning River feeds into the Swan River and it's the Swan River I will be walking along today. Guess why it's called the Swan River? Because it has pelicans? No. Because it has dolphins? No. It's because black swans frequent the river silly. In all seriousness though, I did actually spot a number of swans along the walk. Don't believe me, look below.

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Heading north from Canning Bridge towards the Narrows Bridge provides some great views of the Swan River. This is the widest part of the river and provides some really nice views, especially at Como Jetty and also near the Narrows Bridge, where the Old Swan Brewery and Kings Park can be seen. Unfortunately, this section of the walk also provides some really nice views of the Kwinana Freeway and the Mandurah Railway Line. The sound of cars and trains speeding past does ruin this walk. Luckily for me I bought along some head phones, but to drown out the sound of cars the music has to be turned up very loud. Another problem with this section is that the path is shared with cyclists, which generally isn't a problem, but as the path is so narrow I spend the majority of the time walking in the dirt next to the path. My new Fila's won't like this at all.

The walk becomes much more enjoyable once I reach the Narrows Bridge and head east along the river bank and away from the Freeway. The walk along the south bank of the Swan River towards the Causeway is a very enjoyable walk for a number of reasons. For starters the bike and pedestrian paths are separated so no longer do I have to dodge bikes mounted by men in Lycra undergoing a mid-life crisis. Secondly, the path wanders through peaceful park land so the only noise is from a few dogs barking and families spending time picnicking on the vast grassed areas. But best of all are the views of the Perth CBD skyscrapers on the other side of the river. Unfortunately today is a bit gloomy and windy, so the views are not the best, but on a better day the cityscape would be perfect for some photography. Will have to walk here again when the weather is better.

As I get to the Causeway I decide it is best to head to the nearest train station and go back home. It's a bit windy today and I am getting sick of it. I turn on to the Causeway, which is a bridge that links the rivers south bank, Heirisson Island, and the rivers north bank. The path is very narrow here so a bit of squeezing up against the rails is necessary when crossing paths with other pedestrians. Heirisson Island looks like it has a number of nice walking paths, will have to check these out another day. After the Causeway I turn left and follow the path along the Swan River. The path along the north bank is enjoyable as it is wide and right on the waters edge, providing good views of both the river on the left and the towering skyscrapers on the right. Ahead of the path is the Perth Bell Tower, one of Perth's landmarks. I'm no architect, but I think it looks kind of cool. Not really sure why such a new building was constructed to house bells, they must be some rather impressive bells.

As the bells chime it is time for me to call it a day, 13 km is enough and the new Fila's have done a great job. The Esplanade Train Station is just around the corner from the Bells and soon enough I am back home. Hopefully there are more treks like this for me in Perth City.


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