A Stunning Coastal Walk from Burns Beach to Mullaloo via Iluka and Ocean Reef

Perth, Australia

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The Facts

  • Note from October 2020: Due to the proposed development of the Ocean Reef Marina the path around the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour will probably be inaccessible. The construction of such an unnecessary marina and housing development is unfortunate, particularly for the local environment. If you wish to learn more about the objections to the development please visit the Save Ocean Reef website or the Facebook page.
  • Start or End: Start or end at either the bus stop on Ocean Parade, Burns Beach (Google Map Directions) or the bus stop on Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo (Google Map Directions). There are carparks at Burns Beach and Mullaloo Beach.
  • Length: 7.4km (4.6mi) in about 1.5hr
  • Grade: Easy. Rather flat (a little bit of up and down, it's in the sand dunes after all) and fully paved.

The Story

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One of the most picturesque coastal walks in Perth

I'm no poet or wordsmith, so it's hard for me to describe in words how scenic the walk is from Burns Beach to Mullaloo, Perth, Western Australia. Think I'll let the next two photographs do the explaining for me ...

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Both photos are from my favourite section of the walk, the Iluka Coastal Path, which stretches from the Burns Beach Foreshore Park to the Iluka Foreshore Park (the start of the walk if you begin at Burns Beach). The wide path meanders through the dunes and provides some spectacular views over the coastline. The first photograph above was taken at sunrise, while the second is at sunset. Sunrise and sunset would be my favourite time to walk the area, but any time of the day is still picturesque.

How about some more photos ...

Ok, maybe I should backtrack. Think I got a little excited about my favourite section.

You can start the walk at either Mullaloo Beach or Burns Beach (both have parking and are accessible by bus), but today I will start at Burns Beach.

At Burns Beach, there is a rock wall and a boardwalk leading to the beach, both of which provide good views along the coast.

At Burns Beach, there is a popular café (the aptly named Burns Beach Café) if you would like to start your walk off with a meal or coffee. From Burns Beach, the path heads south through the sand dunes of Iluka, as described above. Why not another picture ...

My favourite section is only about 1.3km long, but it sure does pack a punch (if you haven't already noticed). It ends near the Iluka Foreshore Park, where there is an opportunity for a rest (picnic tables and public toilets available) and more views from a lookout on a tall dune ...

or from the path and boardwalk which wraps around the tall dune.

The path continues south along the coastline and meanders through the dunes of Ocean Reef ...

until reaching Ocean Reef Boat Harbour (it is about 2.5 km from Iluka Foreshore Park to Ocean Reef Boat Harbour).

There are picnic and toilet facilities at Ocean Reef Boat Harbour, so it is a good spot for a rest. From the harbour, it is back into the dunes for more ocean views.

A highlight of this section is the Mullaloo Beach Lookout, which is about 1.2km from the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour. Some nice views over Mullaloo Beach.

After the lookout, the walk isn't as scenic. The path continues through the dunes, but deeper within them. Also, the path does leave the dunes and you will walk along Oceanside Promenade and a large carpark before reaching Tom Simpson Park at Mullaloo Beach. It is still a pleasant enough walk, just nothing to write home about.

Another option after the Mullaloo Beach Lookout is to leave the main path via the sandy track at the next carpark and walk south along Mullaloo beach itself (alternatively, you could always call it a day and catch a bus on Oceanside Promenade or even walk back to Burns Beach!). Either way, you will find yourself at Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club and Tom Simpson Park (picnic and toilet facilities available).

Mullaloo is a popular swimming beach (it is patrolled) so you can end the walk with a swim, just remember to bring your swimmers.

In conclusion, the walk from Burns Beach to Mullaloo is an absolute winner. I recommend this as a early morning or late afternoon stroll, especially the Iluka section. It could also be a good summer stroll if you wish to beach hop along the way and cool down with a swim. I wouldn't recommend the walk on a wet and windy Perth day though (the walk is rather exposed, you might get blown off your feet!).

Happy Trails!


Q: How long is the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: 7.4 km in about 1.5 hours

Q: How do I access the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: Start or end at either the bus stop on Ocean Parade, Burns Beach or the bus stop on Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo. There are car parks at Burns Beach and Mullaloo Beach. If you don't wish to complete the entire walk, there is public transport and car park options along the trail.

Q: When is the best time to visit the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: I think sunset on a warm day is the best. If there is a bit of scattered cloud the sunset can be even more spectacular. However, any time of the day will be scenic. Might be best to give this walk a miss on a windy day.

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Q: Is water available along the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: Yes. Along the way, there are several parks and reserves with potable water.

Q: Is the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk dog friendly?
A: Yes, but you might want to keep them on a leash as the path is shared with plenty of fast-moving bicycles.

Q: Are there trail markers for the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: No. Trail markers aren't necessary, just follow the clear path next to the coastline.

Q: Is there mobile phone reception along the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: Yes, the path is close to urban areas and the reception is good.

Q: What facilities are available along the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: The path is very close to populated suburbs so access to facilities is good. Along the way, there are several parks and reserves with BBQ's, picnic tables, water and toilets.

Q: What are the operating hours of the Burns Beach to Mullaloo Coastal Walk?
A: 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I would recommend going in the daylight though.


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Joondalup.wa.gov.au: City of Joondalup visitors website.


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