A Walk in the Bush and Dunes of Belmont Wetlands State Park

Newcastle, Australia

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  • Start or End: Start and finish at the bus stops on either Railway Cresent (Google Map Directions) or Wommara Avenue (Google Map Directions)
  • Length: 6.0km (3.7mi) in about 1.5hr
  • Grade: Easy to Medium. Not a long walk, but it is a bit of a slog through the sand and it is rather exposed in the dunes and beach. Also, Nine Mile Beach is a popular 4WD beach. I’m not absolutely sure where pedestrians are allowed. The map at the carpark on Kalaroo Road indicates that the beach close to the water is not for pedestrians, but what about surfers and swimmers (beach isn’t patrolled though)? Also, I see people get out of their cars? Anyway, the day I went it was rather quiet (the only car close to me was actually bogged in the sand and not moving anywhere soon), so I did walk along the water. Just use common sense. If it is busy with cars, stick closer to the dunes.
  • Date Walked: 19th of July 2019

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A stroll along Nine Mile Beach via The Gilbey Loop Walk, Carol's Beach Walk, Tenil Beach Walk and the Kalaroo Fire Trail.

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