About metrotrekker

Hello, my name is Marc ... and I'm a walkaholic. It's been 3 hours since my last walk. Excessive walking has cost me expensive walking shoes, painful blisters and aching legs. No longer can I see a path and not want to walk it.

My walking addiction started due to the hatred of driving, cycling and catching buses in Newcastle, Australia. Therefore, I was only left with a couple of options to get from A to B: abuse the friendship of others who own cars, trains and walking. At first, walking was done as a necessity but then it turned into enjoyment. A holiday in New York gave me my first taste of walking around a big city (i.e. metrotrekking). Each day I would get up early and explore different parts of New York by foot and then catch public transport back to my hotel if my feet couldn't take anymore.

The enjoyment of trekking around metropolitan areas became an addiction when I moved to Perth, Australia. I started living in Rockingham, a city in the south of the Perth metropolitan area, where there are great walks along the beach and good public transport to other areas of Perth. Now I live in the CBD which gives me abundant options to explore walking and hiking trails via public transport. Much of my spare time is now spent walking around Perth and other cities when holiday leave allows.

I enjoy long walks, but I don't really like hiking out to the middle of nowhere in the wilderness. Sure you get to see some great countryside and it is good to get out of the city, but I don't like roughing it. I enjoy a nice bed, hot and cold running water, ease of access, public transport, 21st-century toilet facilities, and an ice cold beer at the end of the day. Therefore, I trek metropolitan centres and natural areas accessible by public transport.

Armed with a good pair of shoes, smartphone, sustenance containing backpack, headphones and a public transport pass I venture around metropolitan areas and use metrotrekker.com to share my experiences. Through metrotrekker.com I hope to help fellow walkaholics through tales of my walking addiction.

Together we can beat walkaholism ... one step at a time.